How to Make a Pillowcase Dress?

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  1. First you need to gather up the supplies you need to make a pillowcase dress. You will need a pillowcase, sewing pins, an iron, a measuring tape measure, elastic, ribbons (4 ribbons 3" wide x 14" long) , one yard of extra fabric and scissors.
  2. Plug in the iron and warm it up. Then lay out the pillowcase and iron it so it is flat and smooth. This will make sure that the pillowcase is even when you begin cutting and designing the layout.
  3. After the pillowcase is ironed flat turn the open end of the pillowcase away from you. Measure 2" down from the sewed side (not the open side) and cut a straight line across 2" down. You will be cutting the entire edge of the sewn side off.
  4. Next create a template for cutting out the arm holes. The template should be 2.25" wide by 5.25" high. Then trace the template on the top portion of the pillowcase on the side you cut off. Then cut the armholes out and set the pillowcase aside.
  5. Take out the extra yard of fabric and cut a 2.5"x45" strip of fabric. Fold both ends of the fabric (2.5" portion) toward the middle and pin down the entire length. Iron flat when finished. This piece of fabric will fit over the portion of the pillowcase where you cut the arm holes. Slide the folded fabric over the cut area to creat a binding for the arm holes and then sew to the pillowcase using your sewing machine. Repeat this step for the other arm hole.
  6. Then take the ribbons and elastic. Fold the ribbons over the elastic and then sew down the ribbon encasing the elastic. These ribbons will be used for the shoulders of the pillowcase dress. Determine the size of the child that will wear the dress and make the shoulder straps the appropriate length. The ribbons will tie at the top to allow the user to adjust for size. Sew the ribbons to the inside of the dress just above the arm holes you cut.
  7. Take the remaining ribbon with elastic inside and sew it to the center of the dress. Make sure you have the elastic pulled slightly to bring the waist of the dress in so the pillowcase dress will hug the waist of the child.
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