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It seems like Halloween 2010 just happened yesterday. My children are getting older but Halloween is still one of their favorite holidays. When my son was younger he really liked the Star Wars® movies and he wanted me to make him a star wars costume. I looked around the house and began to pull items together that I could use to put his costume together. The first year (when he was 7) I made a Tuscan Raider Costume, the following year he was an Imperial spy, and the last year he wanted me to make a Jawa costume. Two of the three costumes used a pillowcase under the masks to help form the inside of the costume so it fit correctly on his head. A pillowcase can be used as part of a costume. As I made my son his costumes I realized that there are a lot of other used for pillowcases during Halloween.

How kids can have fun with pillowcases during Halloween.

1) A pillowcase makes a great candy collection bag. If you have a pre-Halloween party for your kids you can buy a dozen pillowcases and have their friend come over to decorate their Halloween bags. You can use markers, glue, glitter or anything that personalizes the bag. You can also place some reflective tape or cloth on the bag so drivers can easily spot your children.

2) A white pillowcase can be wrapped around a small ball and tied to create a ghost. Use a marker and make some eyes on pillowcase. You can hang these in the trees or set them on your front porch to set the mood for a Halloween scare.

3) Depending on the size of your child you can turn your child into a ghost by using a white pillowcase. Simply cut an area out of the pillowcase for their head to go through and their arms. You can pull the pillowcase over the child like a shirt. Your child can decorate their costume with markers or paints.

4) A teacher could create an entire Halloween project around decorating pillowcases. Simply hand out pillowcases to each child in the classroom. Provide the children with markers, glue, scissors, tape, and colored paper. Tell the children to create something Halloween related out of the supplies provided. It would be fun to see the types of ideas the kids come up with. Do not tell them what to create let them use their imagination.

5) Go to the store and buy tie dye colors of orange and black. Tie dye the pillowcases in Halloween colors. Then use the pillowcases to collect candy or to hand out candy from your home.

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