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WINNER OF THE CONTEST March 2012 Winner of 120 FREE 130 Thread Count Pillowcases. Nancy Rosa. She said she "Would use these to decorate and then send off to our deployed troops!"

Here are what some of the contestants said they would do with the pillowcases if they won:

  1. I'd like to use them to donate pillowcase dresses to the local church. I could make some and donate the made ones as well as donate some pillowcases for the other girls to help me. We could dye them so they aren't just plain white as well. It would be fun and make it very easy to help so many girls get a beautiful new dress.
  2. I belong to Molly's Adopt A Sailor. We adopt a different military unit each month and send them boxes of snacks letters toiletries and pillowcases. We also support 3 combat hospitals in Afghanistan. They are always in need of pillowcases. We will decorate them and send them to the troops.
  3. The gift of pillowcases will go to our deployed military and our Combat Support Hospitals in Afghanistan. The wounded come in (unfortunately on a regular basis) and the pillows and pillowcases are in such short supply. The gift of a pillowcase to the deployed means more than most people know. A letter from one of our military explains how grateful he was to receive a pillowcase and doesn't have to sleep on his t-shirt anyone - it means the world to those who sacrifice so much for us!
  4. I love to embroider! I have collected embroidery transfers for a long time and I use them to transfer designs onto pillowcases and give them as gifts. Everyone enjoys receiving something handmade and hand embroidered pillowcases are the perfect heirloom gift!
  5. My son just arrived in Japan for a three year deployment. So I have adopted the group "Heads at Ease". They make homemade pillowcases for our deployed service men and women overseas. We just want to put their "Heads at Ease" with a little something from home!
  6. We have a missionary team from our church who are now serving in Africa. While home during the holidays they introduced us to the Little Dresses for Africa project. Basically dresses are made out of pillowcases and shared with little girls in Africa. My card club friends and I have made and shipped 23 dresses to them so far. We recently ordered 36 pillowcases from Pillowcase.Net and are working on them now.
  7. I volunteer for Molly's Adopt A Sailor. We ship care packages letters and pillowcases to our military. We would like the pillowcases so that our community can decorate and ship them to our troops. This would be a great help. Sometimes we send handsewn pillowcases but this would allow us to decorate the ones already made and ship so many more. They love receiving them!!! Thanks for your vote!
  8. I will be using the pillowcases to send to the United States Military. I belong to Molly Adopt a Sailor program & We stitch for Love.
  9. Donate to children's hospital for critically I'll children to have something soft to lay their heads upon
  10. I plan to use these for chair covers for my in-laws 60th anniversary party. The chairs in the facility we are using are orange plastic and the overall height is 30" so regular chair covers are too tall. Please select me as the winner because of budget constraints. Need them by June 1.
  11. Would use these to decorate and then send off to our deployed troops!
  12. My Mother-in-law was recently put into assisted living for dementia I would donate the pillow cases to the facility she is at.
  13. I will use this pillow case to rest my weary head. The comfort will rejuvenaite me and I will be born again. Well at the very least feel like it.
  14. I would decorate the pillowcases and send them to the deployed US troops on ships and in Afghanistan!
  15. I am a member of Molly's Adopt A Sailor each and every month we adopt a different group of deployed military. We send "NEEDED" items and one thing that we send is love from HOME in the way of a hand made pillowcase-whether it was stitch with love or hand decorated with love. As long as it lands in the hands of our US Military serving our great nation!...so cast a vote for OUR troops-let them sleep on a soft pillowcase-after all they do defend YOUR FREEDOMs....
  16. I have needed new pillow cases for a long time. I am a single & disabled mom and I have a hard time shopping in stores. I walk on a crutch so winning this contest would be AWESOME!!
  17. I am working on a project for my daughters preschool. I saw the crafts page on the site and thought it would be fun for her class to make the pillowcase dresses. I brought the idea up to the teacher and she asked if she could involve the kindergarten class as well as the toddler girls in the idea. Here's to hoping we can win some material for the kids!
  18. The state of Michigan has deployed over 1 000 of our Army National Guardsman overseas and so many of them are writing home asking for pillows and linen. Sometimes when you're so far away from home like our troops are pillows and linens from home are a rare comfort. Laundry facilities are not always optimal and having a fresh pillowcase to put on your pillow to get you by until the next load of laundry can be done is a small bit of comfort after the end of long weary and stressful day. Our troops sacrifice so much for all of us winning this contest would be a wonderful way for us to thank them for our support. Think about what it would mean to YOU if YOU were the one sent away from the comfort of your home and family to live in a tent city thousands of miles from home with very little comforts and luxuries. Thank you.
  19. well id more then likely give it to my 2 year old daughter. She loves getting presents and at the time im not working so i cant get her new stuff alot.
  20. making market bags and little girls sun dresses...if they are white they will be dyed colors or tie dyed.
  21. I make and decorate pillowcases for deployed troops overseas. These would really help me in the cost of getting them made. I also have a day care provider that needs some to decorate for the troops. And these would really help us out. I have 2 boys in the Navy and know that what we send to them are very appreciated.
  22. I am a member of Molly's Adopt a Sailor program. Pillowcases become a valuable commodity to our deployed troops. I also work with an AWANA program at my local church and the children/youth are currently decorating pillowcases to ship to our deployed troops. To lay at night in a foreign place with their head on a pillowcase decorated by loving hands on the other side of the world can send a powerful message of support.
  23. I plan to get my neighborhood children involved in personalizing them and send some to the troops and give some to a local shelter that supports children.
  24. To help provide a better standard of living for our deployed troops through Molly's Adopt a Sailor. I have youth help decorate the pillowcases so each one is individualized for some comfort and sleep as our US Military protects our safety.
  25. I will be donating these pillowcases to Molly's Adopt a Sailor. They will be decorated and shipped to deployed military personnel for a little "touch of home".
  26. Every year I host a retreat at the beach for a group of special needs kids and their families. Our children have such a rare condition that there are not many of them in the world so it's hard to find support. The children have to endure numerous surgeries just to survive. They also have to put up with stares and bullying due to their condition and appearance. This retreat is a place where we can all come together and give each other love and support. In years past I have gotten autograph animals for every child but the prices keep going up and it's hard for our little non-profit organization to afford them. I thought that this year the children could take the pillow cases around and have their friends autograph them and draw pictures using fabric pens. The pillowcases will make a wonderful memento of a wonderful time with their friends where they were able to just be themselves without worrying about anything but having fun. We have an amazing group of families and we have all been through so much. Winning something like this would really put a smile on our children's faces. Thank you for having such a great promotion/giveaway :)
  27. Use for girls dresses
  28. I know their just pillow cases. But pillow cases are very costly at a department store. I know so many families that would really appreciate a brite new pillow case for their family members. These simple items are soo taken for granted. I would love to give my pillow cases to alot of friends and family. Money has been very tight for so many. They havent any extra money for these extravegant items.
  29. I work at a rural library Kinsman Free Public Library. We have lost approx. 1/3 of our funding in the last few years. Every year we have a Summer Reading Program where patrons of all ages are encouraged to participate. We have been able to continue this through donations from area businesses and personal donations. This years theme is centered around reading at night. We are planning a pillowcase craft where the children will be able to decorate their own pillowcase. We normally have over 200 children participate in this program. Hopefully we can win these pillowcases to help offset the expense of this craft.
  30. If I win I will dye these pillowcases and make dresses for very poor little girls in Africa. I will then donate the dresses to: littledressesforafrica.org this is a wonderful organization who makes dresses out of pillowcases and then gets the dresses to these children. What a wonderful blessing these pillowcases will become to these children!
  31. I would just use them on the pillows. I never thought about using them for crafts.
  32. I would love to win these as I will create something with them just not sure what yet (will have something to do with our church CYO) and donate them. Thanks and have a great day. Kathy
  33. I need pillow cases to make dress's for a charity that I am sewing for. It would be so great if I could win this contest. thank you
  34. I plan to donate the pillowcases if I win to Molly's Adopt A Sailor for all of our son's and daughters who serve our Country. God Bless the USA! xoxo
  35. Our church women's retreat is a dream/pajama party theme and we want to decorate pillowcases!
  36. My daughter is Miss Pennsylvania Jr. Teen. Her platform is Feeding the Hungry. The Salvation Army in Pottstown Pennsylvania houses families that have fallen on hard times. These are not families that are always homeless or people that don't want to work some are people where the husband lost his job and lost everything. We would donate these not only so that they can have a clean place to put their head more often as they could each get a couple cases but they could also let the kids use to have sac potato races one of my all time favorite games to play with kids!
  37. A group of women have gotten together to make dresses from pillowcases for disadvantaged girls in our city and surrounding areas. Our goal is to make 250 dresses by July. If I win the pillowcases that equates to 120 dresses for little girls who otherwise would have very little to wear. I bought a dozen pillowcases from pillowcases.net and turned them into adorable creations to be given away.
  38. God has really laid it on my heart to make Little dresses for Africa and around the world. I was able to afford a good sewing machine and now I feel as if I need to pay it back in making these dresses. We don't know how fortunate we all are in having all that we have. Hopefully the little dresses made from pillowcases will bring a smile to the faces of ones less fortunate.
  39. I am pregnant with my 2nd child (thinking it is a girl but won't know until the end of the month..) My husband is wonderful enough to work hard to take care of our family which includes my son myself my husband and our new addition due to arrive in August. I'm trying my hand at crafts and homemade projects. Since I have that crafty itch I bought a sewing machine and am attempting to create homemade goods. I would likely either dress up these pillowcases or make some pillowcase dresses if we are blessed enough to have a little girl!!
  40. I plan to make floor pillows for my son and my friends kids and My whole house needs new pillow cases. I'd make some aprons for crafting and the rest would go to the assisted living home down the street. They can always use new pillow cases.
  41. Donate to Sweet Dreams project which is trying to provide colorful pillow cases to local nursing home(s) so that patients will have something colorful on their beds.
  42. Don't reaaly have a plan for them as far as crafts and such. I was just thinking all of my children are just moving into their own homes and these are one of many things that you can never have enough of. So I guess my plan for them would be to share them with people who need them.
  43. I have a new vinyl cutter and I have bee using it to cut out stencils to use with fabric paint. I have been making SUPER cute sheets shirts etc. with them and want to make my daughter a GIRAFFE pillowcase to match her giraffe sheets!
  44. 120! First of all I have four children whose pillowcases are so old I used them and my gramma used them before me. (Selfish) Secondly I would have our Sunday School use them for Prayer pillows. Acraft where kids write who they pray for at night when they go to sleep. I am ordering some soon.
  45. The YMCA Metro Detroit Mount Clemesn uses 14 for asleep over party with their preschool ... They just pretend and these cases are the highlight. Thirdly I would use them with our Churchgroup to start a pilllow case dresss group to meet and sew dresses for kids that need them in a Mission area that is experiencing difficult times.
  46. I have a group of ladies and we are making the pillowcase dresses for Africa. We have just started ordering from your website.
  47. I use the pillow cases to stamp patterns on and embroidery them. I also add a hand crochet edge. I love gifting them. I have so much enjoyed the ones I have bought from your site. Thank you
  48. I am the owner of Wyld Wolf Tye-Dye. I make beautiful hand applied tye-dyed clothing and am expanding my horizons to other things including for the upcoming Winter holiday season Tye-Dyed Christmas Stockings and Tree Skirts. I would love to add bedding to my wares and this would be a great start. Check out my company page on Facebook Wyld Wolf Tie-Dye to see some of my work. Thanks everyone!!
  49. I am the spouse of a soldier who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. Our spouses would like to help prepare Welcome Home baskets for returning soldiers. This is a great opportunity for the family members to rally together in the preparation for our returning soldiers. Before leaving single soldiers are required to pack their belongings in a box which will be put into storage for the duration of the deployment. I would like to ensure that all soldiers welcome home transition is as uncomplicated as possible. The baskets family members will put together will provide soldiers with fresh linens such as pillowcases and toiletries along with lite snacks for the first few days after re-deployment.
  50. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) PLEASE..... Vote for me!!! I want to win the pillow cases to make diapers and dresses. My daughter is 21 years old and she is on her second overseas mission trip this year. She would take the dresses and diapers with her to babies and girls who live in an orphanage. I asked her what do they do without diapers? She said they hold the babies out at arms length when they "wet" or "dirty". Help diaper a needy baby. Thanks. God bless you.:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  51. I am entering this contest to use the pillowcases for the 408 children who live in the woods here. I plan to craft them on top in a child/tween theme. I am also hoping to get the pillow protecters and pillows. Many of these children are honor students. They know it is the only way out. They are victims of home foreclosures. Their homes set empty deteriorating and owned by a bank that is losing money. It is such a small thing to do but as Mother Theres said “If you can't feed everyone just feed one."
  52. If I won these pillowcases they would have two special purposes. First I would donate them to a local middle school after-school sewing club. They are in desperate need of supplies and the pillowcases would allow them to make pillowcase dresses and tops for themselves and for donation. I then would collect half of their completed dresses and mail them along with a donation to the non-profit agency Little Dresses for Africa. The pillowcase's would therefore be helping 7th and 8th grade girls in America as they learn how to sew and little girls all over the world who have no more then one old and tattered outfit to their name. What a great way to give back TWICE with one item!
  53. I would donate the pillowcases to those in need.
  54. The winning pillowcases would be used for our elementary's school 5th grade graduation as a memory keepstakes for the 5th graders as they leave their elementary years. <br />We would love to send them off to middle school with all the great memories of their elementary years as they leave all the teachers and what they have leared as there second home and family.
  55. I would use them and give some to my four sisters.
  56. give them to the city mission in kansas city
  57. I would love to win the pillowcases. I have an embroidery machine and would like to put designs on them and sell them. We live on Social Security and my husband is going blind. The extra money would be a great help.
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