Pillowcase laundry bag

How to make a laundry bag

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You can easily make a laundry bag out of a pillowcase. Depending on the size laundry bag you want to make you can choose from either a standard (20” x 30”), queen (20” x 36”) or king size (21” x 46”) pillowcase. In addition to the size there are many decorative style printed and/or color pillowcases to choose from so the designs on the bag are endless.

Laundry Bag Pillowcase

Easy & Fun to Make!!

First select your pillowcase that you want to use. Wash, dry and then iron the pillowcase. Using your sewing machine sew a seam about 1” below the existing hem seam on the pillowcase. You will be sewing a new seam that will serve as a casing for a cotton cloths line that you will run around the pillowcase. Make sure you leave a small amount of space open on the new seam so that the ends of the rope can hang out. Sew a reinforced end with cloth or just thread on the opening areas where the cord comes out of the casing. You should then make a knot at the end of each rope to prevent the rope from sliding out of the casing.

These would make a great personalized gift for someone going away to college or as giveaway at a birthday party or sleepover. Add a name to the bag and make it even more special.


Originally Published August 2, 2011

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