Pillowcase Project for an Elementary School

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Pillowcases are used, of course, as covering and protection for pillows. At pillowcase.net, we carry pillowcases in either a polycotton blend or 100% cotton, and we carry various thread counts such as T-130, T-180, T-200, T-250, and more. (The thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, typically, the softer the pillowcase will feel.)

Along with the individual consumer buying pillowcases, our institutional customers include hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hotels, motels, detention facilities, schools and camps.

It is often the last two, camps and schools who will use pillowcases not just as pillow covering, but also for crafting purposes. Pillowcases make a wonderful medium for crafting and pillowcases for crafters is a commonly searched term on the web. (By the way, Pillowcase.net is able to screen print colorful and eye-catching logos, pictures, bible verses, etc… directly onto its pillowcases if a customer prefers to have them pre-printed).

Craft projects we often see include tie dye on pillowcases, finger painting and brush painting on pillowcases and basically any other method imaginable of getting an image or color onto a pillowcase.

Recently one of our customers purchased our T-130 pillowcases for the local elementary school at which he teaches and gave us permission to share the amazing work he and his colleagues do.

He explained that each student was given a pillowcase and instructions on how to turn the pillowcase into a “Super Hero Cape.” He further explained that the students were taught about the importance of dreaming big and making their pillowcase into any super hero cape they would like to be that day (doctors, teachers, athletes, Hulk, cultural things, etc).

The school then scheduled a whole day for the students to wear their capes and show them off and talk about them with their classmates and teachers!

Our customer, the teacher, told us it was just incredible. He said, “It was such an eye opening experience to see all the amazing things that the students came up with.” 

He spoke of the satisfaction and excitement that the project generated- this project of dreaming big. 

Below are some of the pics he shared with us from this amazing day.

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