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This promotion has ended please do not send photos.

Pillowcase Give Away (Crafting Photos/Articles Needed)

We need digital photos with descriptions of craft projects you have done using pillowcases. If we choose your photos and craft directions to place on our website we will send you one dozen free T-180 white percale pillowcases. We will be giving away 25 dozen pillowcases for this promotion. We are looking for 25 unique crafting ideas/articles.

Please follow these directions to submit your photos and descriptions:

  1. Take several digital photos of your pillowcase craft project. No pictures of people in the photos. No photos that are found elsewhere on the Internet.
  2. Write a description on how to make the pillowcase craft shown in your photos. Please do not copy and paste the information from another website we need unique words and craft ideas. We would like several paragraphs that show how the pillowcase crafts are made.

If we choose your submission we will send you one dozen free pillowcases. You agree to allow us to use the photos and description on our website. We reserve the right to amend or reword the descriptions provided. You agree the photos and description become the property of Assisted Living Store, Inc. the owner of Pillowcase.NET.

Here are a few ideas for articles:

  • Pillowcase Dresses
  • School Craft Projects
  • Boy and Girl Scout Projects
  • more...