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  1. Can anyone buy these pillowcases?  Yes - anyone can individuals and businesses.
  2. Do you charge sales tax?  Sales tax only applies to orders shipped to Minnesota - All other states are sales tax free.  However, you might owe "use tax" on the purchase in your home state.
  3. Can you provide further discounts for non-profits, churches, scouts, etc...?  Sorry our prices are already extremely low.
  4. Do you have a privacy policy.  Yes Click Here
  5. If I need pallet quantities can you provide better pricing?  Yes
  6. Why are your pillowcases so much less expensive then other websites? 
    We import many of our items ourselves and sell direct.  We also buy in volume.
  7. Does the material in a pillowcase really matter?  What is the difference? 
  8. What is thread count in sheets and pillowcases? Does it matter?