How to Make an Embroidery Hoop Pillowcase Laundry Bag

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Here is an attractive way to turn a pillowcases into a laundry bag.

  1. Find a 12" Embroidery Hoop
  2. Find a Standard Size Pillowcase that you think would make a nice looking laundry bag.
  3. Attach the open end of the pillowcase to the embroidery hoop. Thumb screw the hoop together to hold the pillowcase in place.
  4. Attach a rope or heavy string to the thumb screw area and make a rope hanger.
  5. Hang up in your laundry room.

That is how you make a Embroidery Hoop Pillowcase Laundry Bag.
Also a great toy for my daughter's ferret!!
We also sell discount assorted print pillowcases on our other website.

Enjoy making your own Pillowcase Laundry Bag!!P.S. You can also use a bag like this to store toys!!

August 25, 2011

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