How to make a Pillowcase Laundry Bag

Supplies Needed:

One pillow case
Cloths Line (cotton)
Decorations if desired

Lets Get Started:
This handy laundry bag is so easy to make. Wash and iron a pillow case. Sew a seam about 1” below the hem seam on the pillow case. You will be actually sewing on the hem for this seam. This will make the casing for the clothes line that will become a draw string in the laundry bag. Open the side hem between the hem seam and the one you just sewed and string the clothes line through the casing. You can reinforce this hole with additional sewing by hand or machine. Put a knot at the end of the clothes line to prevent a pull through. Decorate with your childs name or other trim as desired.

Congratulations you have just created a useful gift for someone special.