How To Make A Pillowcase Earth Tote Bag

Supplies Needed:

One pillow case
Decorations if desired

Lets Get Started:
This earth bag tote is wonderful to take to the store to save on wasteful plastic or paper bags. You will need to wash and iron one pillow case. To make the strap cut 2 ½” (shown) or more off the bottom sewn edge of the pillow case. Turn it right sides together and sew around it leaving about a 2” opening in the middle of the strap. Pull the right side out and press. Machine or slip stitch this closed. Set aside.

With right sides together open up the side seam of the pillow case about 2”. Make this hole about 3” from the hem side. Sew a new bottom of the bag and sew the hem side closed as well. Pull the pillow case through the hole to turn it right side out. Machine or slip stitch the hole closed. Push the hem side toward the bottom of the pillow case, making the bag double thickness. Iron it to form a fold at the top of the bag. Sew on the strap on the inside top of bag by first sewing a square, then sew an “X” within the square for added strength. Add decorations as desired.

Congratulations you have made a really cute and useful tote for the beach or for crafting.