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Item #: PC-MIX-6
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Price: $6.95

    The price shown is for 6 pillowcase of mixed colors.  Some might be white.  You will receive a total of 6 pillowcases.  These are sewn for us and they do not have sewing errors.  We call them second quality because they are from various mixed fabrics.  Most of these pillowcases are 1st quality however a few may have discolorations in the fabric slight blemishes. You might get a mix of low to high thread counts.  Each package is different.  We do not know the actual fiber content of the material.  Sold as is no returns. 

    Sorry we will not honor requests for specific colors. Orders will be packed based on availability.
      These are great for anyone needing pillowcases in various colors. 

    Here are links to several crafts that were made using pillowcases:
    Pillowcase Dresses; 2) Pillowcase Pants 3) Pillowcase Bag 

    1. Standard Size Pillowcases
    2. The material in each pack of pillowcases may be different.  These pillowcases are made from available rolls of fabric and the feel of each pillowcase and fabric may vary.  
    3. Thread count and fabric style will vary.  
    4. 100% Misc. Odd Lots of Undetermined Fiber Content
    5. 20" Wide x 30" Long
    6. Machine Wash Tumble Dry
    7. Hem Size 4"
    8. Imported